Vía verde of Denia

Via verde

Do you already know the Vía verde (“green way”) of Denia? It’s a ride on the old railway line from Denia to Els Poblets and has a length of 6km. It is parallel to the coast, in the north of the city of Denia and goes through fields of orange trees. It’s a nice place to have walk, do sports or to ride a bike. There are fantastic views of the Montgó mountain and the Sierra Segaria and you can enjoy the nature, as the road passes through the orange groves and almond trees. Especially in spring, the almond and orange trees have a pleasant smell.

There are 5 seating areas with tables, benches and information panels about the history of the railroad and the flora and fauna of the area. From the promenade there are several exits, that are perfect to go from the town to the beach areas of Las Marinas or to visit the neighbor villages of Els Poblets and El Vergel.

It’s perfect for those who are not only looking for beach and sun, but for nature and nice surroundings. It’s ideal to escape from the city and realx.

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